Hotel Chateau Sallandrouze  
  Legend has it that tapestry first came to Aubusson via Arab traders in circa 732, as they followed their route to Poitiers. If this was indeed the case, then the traditions and craftsmanship the traders brought with them have miraculously survived both social upheaval and changes in fashion, to filter through the centuries to the modern day. The Sallandrouze family were amongst those determined entrepreneurs who kept tapestry manufacture alive during the difficult Empire and Restoration periods. During the Belle Epoque the family owned numerous properties in Aubusson, as well as a private Chapel, originally built in the 12th century and restored over the ages – the Chapelle of St Jean de la Cour.

In 2005 Lanie van Reenen chanced upon this beautiful legacy of Sallandrouze buildings and craftmanship. She recognized the potential to turn the elegant old family home into a boutique hotel, thus re-establishing the charm and grace of a bygone era.

In June 2008 when the doors opened on the Hôtel Château Sallandrouze, it marked both the realisation of a dream and the beginning of a new era for this timeless classic.